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Electrical Renos: Safer, More Efficient Homes in the Interlake Area

Whether for safety or efficiency’s sake, Lakeview Electric is available to handle residential and commercial electrical renovations, additions, and upgrades. As a company with years of experience, we can also recommend some of the best contractors in the Interlake area.

Not sure how safe your current electrical system is? We offer an inspection service to detail the risks, limitations, and hazards within your current setup.

Panel Upgrades

With the number of electrical appliances in modern homes, an electrical panel upgrade may be necessary to ensure safe, efficient operation. Our team is available to complete amperage upgrades throughout the Interlake area.

Knob & Tube Removal

If you live in a home built prior to 1950, there’s a good chance it contains “knob and tune” electrical wiring. Due to their construction and lack of ground wire, most knob and tube systems are limited to 60-amp electrical service. Another issue that arises over time is the deterioration of protective insulation, which can lead to an electrical fire. We can help!

Electrical Inspections

Do you live in an older home, or are you uncertain of the safety of your current electrical system layout? Lakeview Electric offers inspection services for homes throughout the Interlake area. Call today to arrange your inspection.

To request a panel upgrade or knob and tube system replacements, call Lakeview Electric today!

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